Pineapple clothing

Hey lovelies,

As you may or may not know i am now an ambassador to pineapple clothing.

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The reason I have partnered up with Pineapple Clothing is because I love their designs, colours and how comfortable/stretchy they are. The name the colourful leggings are very me, so when offered of course I said Yes.

So please checkout these amazing leggings, sport tops and clothes. They are slowly increasing their designs. So makes sure you keep watching this space for more groovy leggings.

If you are interested in purchasing any of their awesome outfits or just want to have a look.

See details below


Link: link

20% off code- salcam

USA get free shipping when using the above code

I will be posting pics of my new leggings to intagram so make sure to keep updated by following @leaplovewonder


Leap Love Wonder