About Leap Love Wonder

About me

I am a 27 year old Australian🇦🇺 girl who fell in ❤love with a gorgeous Gambian(african)🇬🇲 guy while living abroad in Austria🇦🇹. Crazy huh? Been together since November 2015 and 🛫long distance🛬 since July 2016.

Why did I start this blog?

My friend encouraged me to start this blog as I was constantly giving advice and asked questions about my 🛫long distance relationship💑 with Nuha. As many are surprised about our relationship due to many reasons including long distance.

Why leap love wonder?

Our relationship begun because I took a leap into the unknown (exchange). I fell in 💖love in Salzburg, Austria. Now I wonder about what the future has in store. Which produced the name Leap Love Wonder

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What to expect from this blog

  • Travel – experiences, tips & hotel/experiences reviews
  • Food – restaurants reviews, places to eat.
  • Long distance relationship – tips, tricks and my experiences
  • Multicultural relationships
  • Exchange in salzburg -tips & tricks

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How regular will I post

Posts will be every Monday 😁

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Thank you for reading!

Leap love wonder