Leap Love Wonder

NuhaSal YouTube

We upload every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. Expect to see Reaction Videos, pranks, talking about LDR, travel, challenges, African news and talking about The Gambia.

Life Blogs

Blogs about my life that do not fit in the other categories.

Love & Relationships blogs

Blogs about Long Distance Relationships, multicultural love and relationships in General. I share my love story and tips to make your relationship work.

Travel blogs

Reviews, tips and tricks and my experiences while traveling.

Healthy living & Losing weight

Blogs about my weight loss journey and struggle. Which includes going vegan, vegetarian and trying the 800. This includes yummy low cal recipes.


I am an Ambassador for a few brands which include Pineapple Clothing (sells cool colourful tights) and Capitola (Sells awesome watches)

12 thoughts on “Leap Love Wonder

  1. Hello sally how are you?
    I am modou from the Gambia I want a lover an a life time partner who will love and care about me I’m honest trustworthy and reliable
    Thanks till I hear from you


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