The fast 800: Review of 2 Low Cal Vegan Recipes Part 2

“Food is an important part of a balanced diet.” Fran Lebowitz

Quinoa & Lentil Stuffed Vegan Cabbage Rolls


271 cal


prep 1 hour & 1 hour cooking time




As I needed something else other than soups and this looked scruptious

Changes made

As usual exchanged the oil for a teaspoon of nuttelex.

What else would i change

Recipe wise I would not change a thing


  • I felt the instructions were not meant for someone like me who should read cooking for dummies. So I made a lot of mistakes due to this. I took longer and even over cooked the meal as the instructions were american.
  • I strugled to find brown lentils in a bag so bought a tin which was already cooked. The instructions seemed to assume I bought uncooked which allowed me to skip a few steps.
  • The cabage i broke off the bits and boiled instead of putting the whole cabage in to steam off leaves which meant i didnt know when to stop cooking as it stated “it is ready when the leaves fall off” eeeek. This also caused an issue later as i had plenty of filling and no leaves. Always read the whole recepe before starting.


  • I loved this dish. It took ages and the recipe was like a mind field for me but i worked it out eventually. I shared some with my family and they also enjoyed it, they even had seconds. You could even have the filling on its own and ve happy.


4.5 but how the recipe was written needs a little work.

Broccoli soup


Length of Time:

30 – 45min (only because I am a hopeless cook)




My dad wanted me to make this soup for the family so why not. It is also a soup that is very low in calories.

Changes made:

No changes

What else would I change?

When blending the broccoli it was too hard and this is where all my time went making it. Wish I had used my smoothie blender.


Blending the broccoli

Also i put too much water in


This is a good soup when made well but I made it too watery which made the flavour a little bland




Please try and let me know what you thought of these recipes. If you want more Vegan low cal recipe reviews make sure you follow.

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