9 Benefits of Going the Distance

“ Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.” – Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

If you are about to embark on a long distance relationship you have probably heard already it is a tough road ahead of you (I still get reminded), but do not despair. Even though it is going to be tough there are benefits of going long distance. Benefits for your relationship and you as an individual. Here are the 9 key benefits from going long distance.


1. Deeper connection

In a long distance Relationship (LDR) you are unable to touch or do things together like go to the movies, do day trips or even dinner. Instead you can only communicate through a device. This requires you to communicate more. You start discussing things that you would of otherwise taken you months or years of dating to discuss if you were living in the same neighborhood. Why? Well because there are no distractions. Just talking about your inner thoughts allows closeness in your relationship.

In my LDR Nuha and I would occasionally fight about silly things. I would say something silly or not silly and Nuha would be annoyed. I did not get it, until we became long distance. We still had these tiffs but it was different because we were not in the same country. Where we would usually just ignore it by going to dinner or somethinh, now we discussed it. the more we talked it through the more Nuha would open up and share with me what the real issue was. This made us so much closer and stronger.


2. Become independent

You have a lot of free time and have to do a lot on your own. For some this is scary, especially when you have been in a relationship all your life. LDR is an opportunity to explore your independence. To go to parties alone, shopping alone and maybe even a movie. Take advantage and build your confidence. Your relationship will be better for it.


3. Test your love

Going the distance will test you and your relationship. It is not for the faint of heart. Some couples break others thrive. You will fight and have your emotions all over the place, but in the end it will be worth it. You will know he/she is right for you as if you can survive the distance, you can survive anything.

Do not be sad if it fails as long distance is hard. It needs both of you to be all in other wise it will not work. If one is not fully committed you will know and really you deserve better if thats the case.


4. Tests your trust.

Trust is a huge thing in any relationship especially in an LDR. Trusting your partner during long distance can be difficult and hard to over come. This will test if you truly trust one another, but do not be discouraged if you find it is difficult. As this is your chance to build that trust.

If you are struggling to trust your partner (which is very normal) please see my post 9 tricks to Overcome Insecurities in a Long Distance Relationship or my interview (My First Podcast)


5. Become great communicators

Communication is the name of the game when it comes to LDR. Communication is key to a great long distance relationship, so it makes sense that by the end you will be amazing communicators. You will be able to basically read each others minds, express yourself better and solve issues easily. He will understand you and you will understand him.

In my LDR Nuha and I at the beginning were not good communicators. Nuha would be upset and not explain why, he would just assume I would know and be angry. Almost 3 years long distance Nuha automatically tells me why he is mad and vice versa.We are almost always on the same wave length.

My First Podcast

6. Pursue other passions

As you will have free time. Go explore yourself find what you like. Write that book you were always meaning to write. Get fit. This is the time to really be independent and pursue your goals.


7. Learn patience

I am so impatient its not funny but since doing long distance I have had to learn to be patient as Nuha lives in another time zone. So if I had exciting news I would have to wait about 8 -10 hours (depending how sleepy he is) before i could tell him.

I used to call Nuha at all hours because I couldn’t help myself and vise versa. After going this whole experience I have grown to be more patient.


8. Time together is more precious

As we have little time together during our visit, every minute i cherish. It makes me appreciate him and our life together so much more.

We make a bigger effort to do things together and visit different places as we know we have a ticking clock.


9. Stronger

Overall being in a LDR makes you so much stronger as a person and also your relationship. Nuha and I have had many fights where either him or I feel insecure, our communication for lack of a better word sucked and just overall silly fights because we missed each other. This has made us grow into to strong people. I have more confidence in myself and want to better myself. Our relationship has survived many setbacks that has prevented us being together permanently but we have overcome it and it has made us stronger.



Even though there are many negatives in being in an LDR, it is an experience that will make you grow. After your journey finishes you will be better people for it and your relationship will be able to survive anything. So do not be scared and just see it as a challenge who knows where it may lead.

Let me know if this has helped in anyway and if there is any tips or tricks that you want to know about being in a LDR.

Thanks for reading

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