Last minute gifts for your long distance BAE

“Unconditional love is the greatest gift we can ever give.”  Amy Leigh Mercree

As valentines is tomorrow 😟 I thought I should help out those LDR couples who like me always leave gifts last minute. Here are some LDR gift ideas for the busy and disorganized.


1. Purchase something online at a shop near your other half

I have done this for Nuha a few times. I find a shop near him (bipa), order online and select pick up. This saves money and means he can get it earlier. Only flaw in this idea is he/she has to collect it.


2. Plan your next trip

Plan and book your next trip. Either an activity while your there or just your trip. It could be going to another city or just a night out.


3. Be creative

This can be anything from photo collages, your own gift cards, create a video and so many other creative ways. Your own gift card could be a promise or something you plan to give him/her when you finally meet or are together permanently.

Canva is awesome for this type of a thing. Take a look

4. Flowers and other same day delivery gifts

Same day delivery is perfect for a last minute gift. Flowers is a popular one, but there are so many other options.


Other same day gifts

Same day gifts


5. Subscriptions

Subscriptions is a good one. You can organise him/her to have netflix or buy a subscription he or she will love. See below some interesting subscription ideas.


6. Online gift cards

You can order something online and email it to them… There are so many cool ideas and some have printable certificates.


I hope these ideas help you buy the perfect last minute gift for your long distance bae. If you found another last minute gift idea please share. Would love to here what you all got for your loved one this valentines day.