Christmas day the Cameron way

“Christmas isn’t a Season. It’s a feeling” Edna Ferber


I know it has been awhile.. been enjoying the Christmas season with work parties, weddings and family bonding. As I have been taking awhile to write my next post here are some snaps of my Christmas celebrations to keep you occupied.

Midnight presents with the immediate family

Instead of rushing on Christmas morning we now do our family Christmas presents at midnight. Partly because we all get too excited and need to open our presents ASAP (we are such children).

Christmas day Lunch with Family

Christmas lunch or dinner used to be with my dads family but since my dads mum and brother passed away it is now just the immediate family, my cousin from my dads side and my nan.

Decorations at the house

Just finished at my old job and as I bought all the decorations I had a lot to spare. What do you think of my set up?

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Family snaps!!

My big happy family

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My cousin the singer.

My cousin is a musician in band.. Look at him go.


Food is one of the best things about Christmas. My Nan and mum cooked up a storm.

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Christmas Dinner with the Family

Christmas dinner is with my mum’s family. We usually play Dirty Santa. Its a family friendly game I promise!


The food is always overflowing with meats and salads but also deserts. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take pics of the dinner but look at those deserts.

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Dirty Santa fun!!

How the game works is we all bring a $50 gift put it in the middle of the table. These gifts are wrapped as seen in the pics below

A name gets pulled from the hat and they pick a gift from the table. They open the gift. Then the next name gets pulled out. The next person has a choice to steal or pick from the table. Which can be absolutely hilarious. As you can see below my nan decided to steal.

For more information on the game see link below. Trust me its a great game to use at work Christmas party and other Christmas parties. It most always ends in laughs.

Dirty Santa game

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Online Christmas with Nuha.

Every Christmas apart on Christmas day we make sure to call each other for at least 5 minutes and traditionally its always near midnight for both of us. So I call him just after midnight for him and he calls me just after midnight for me on Christmas day to make sure we are the first people to wish each other a merry Christmas. Its silly but its our little thing we do on new year and Christmas day. Usually we send our Christmas presents to each other early or after Christmas day.  =D



Just to end this post. I thought I would post this cutie. I post pudding but she never sits still

I know its been awhile but stay tuned.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!

If you want to see more pictires from xmas or new year go to my instagram leaplovewonder.

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