10 Activities to try in a Long Distance Relationship

“ True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.” – Unknown

Long distance relationships are hard as you are not able to do things physically like go to the movies or hang out, but there are other ways you can connect. Keep reading to find the 10 activities you can do with your other half at a distance.


1. Exercise together

Long distance can take a lot of your time and wreak havoc on your sleep which can result in gaining weight (well that is my excuse). So working out during your video chats can save time, motivate you and is an awesome way to feel connected with your partner.

Since being long distance i have gained a lot of unwanted weight. So Nuha decided it was time for both of us to work out. So every night(for me) and morning (for him) we did a work out. It was fun Nuha was my personal trainer and found new exercises we could do each day.


2. Watch movies together

Now this one I have never done but i have seen this is a tip a lot of long distance couples give. So give it ago and tell me how it goes.

Nuha and i do suggest movies/series to each other and report back. Mostly we watch series together when we are in the same country.


3. Question time…

Questions are another way to feel closer. You can have a video chat and ask random questions that you do not know about each other. If you have no clue what to ask just google there are many question ideas. Ill admit i did look them up in the early days in my long distance relationship.

Nuha and I did this like once… but you know guys they are not as talkative as us females…


4. Introduce him to your family and friends

When hanging with friends introduce your other half as it helps when you talk about your life. It also helps making them feel included.

Nuha has met almost everyone in my life and I his. I even message and chat to his sisters from time to time which is nice. We also created a facebook group with my family where we play Facebook games together


5. Plan and discuss the future.

Plan plan plan. It can be so much fun and exciting. Plan your next trip or just plan what will happen when you are finally together permanently. This can include looking at houses, holiday destinations or talking about the pet you will have.

Nuha and I have looked at houses online and talk about our future all the time. Not only have we learnt so much about each other but we have had so much fun. It also helps when the distance gets hard. We also love planning our next trip. Who we are going to see what we are going to do and what I have to pack for him so he doesn’t freeze in Austria.


6. Send gifts and letters

This is another one that some long distance couples suggest. Writing a letter and sending it to your other half. If you search hard enough on google there are some creative ideas. I think sending gifts are really nice but not important as you can always hand deliver them which is even better and probably more appreciated.

Nuha and I are not really romantic we like to keep it simple and cheap. I do send Nuha gifts but usually from Austria and occasionally from America (he does love those Jordans). As for him, he waits for me to visit and showers me in shoes haha. So I think this depends on the couple. As my friend whom is in a long distance relationship sends gifts to her partner all the time.


7. Online games

There are many couples that play online games which can be a lot of fun. It can be through Facebook messenger, phone apps or just online. I know of some long distance couples whom have met through online games.

My brother and his gf do it all the time… they are not long distance but they obviously enjoy it, playing while in the same room.


8. Daily chores (cleaning or cooking)

As long distance chats take time out of your day its sometimes hard to find time to do chores. Hey everyone hates doing them but can be fun when together. It also feels nice having someone to talk to while you pack, clean and cook.

Nuha is the clean and cook in our relationship (I know I got a keeper – hands off =P) Which can make cleaning and cooking interesting. Haha… he gets so passionate and pushes me to better. (I hate cleaning) lol


9. Reorganise your house together.

Reorganising can mean anything to moving your room around to just throwing out old things. This is good as you learn a lot about your partners dislikes and likes.

This is always fun with Nuha as he is not shy. I always model my clothes to see what he thinks (as I have too many clothes plus other things). He is super honest. If my clothes look like old granny clothes (which seems to be all my clothes) he will tell me.


10. Find things to do together your both passionate about

Find something you both love… it could be a TV series, writing a book together, running a business or working out.

Nuha and i were into live.me at one point. We would do chats together all the time on it. We would compare scores and even to live chats together.


Get creative and I am sure you will find other ways to connect with your other half. I hope these 10 tips help you. If you want more tips check out the link below. There are 106 different ideas and other apps you can explore.

106 Long Distance Relationship Activities


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