Reviewing “My indigo” in Salzburg

My indigo is a chain restaurant located in Austria, Germany and randomly Honolulu (My Indigo Locations). Most of these restaurants are located in Salzburg. The one I visited was Salzburg Herrnau, Alpenstraße 48 5020 Salzburg (Map). We decided on this location as it was less crowded than the one in the old city plus we enjoyed the walk. It is a 30 minute straight walk from the old city. Super easy to find.

What did I eat?

I had the African peanut pot with brown rice and home made lemonade. mmm… it was delish. My friend got the curry noodle and also the home made lemonade. She liked her meal but unfortunately someone put extra spicy and she is not a spicy fan.

What did I think?


  • Atmosphere– I enjoyed how the place looked. It was colorful and gorgeous with a trendy vibe about it.
  • Healthy – The food was quite healthy, they even had healthy snacks if you chose. Like sushi.
  • Options – they had a variety of healthy options: salad, pasta, soup and rice. You could also choose what type of noodles or rice you wanted.  They also had options to add some spicy.
  • WIFI – Every traveler loves WIFI.
  • Taste I really enjoyed my meal. It was amazing. Make sure if you do get the African peanut pot ask for peanut butter on top makes it so much better. It reminded me of my fiance’s Domoda (a traditional Gambian dish) recipe. So good. The lemonade was also delish. Highly recommend trying it. They have all different types
  • Everyone can eat– As there are more vegan and vegetarians its hard to find a place that accommodates all. well this place caters for all and even those people who need extra kick in their dish.
  • Convenience– You can get take away!!
  • Costit cost $22 euro for two lemonades and two dishes. Which I think is pretty cheap especially since I got  extras like avocado. I was also full after the meal
  • Quick – food only took 5 minutes to put together and it was ready to be eaten.
  • Spoke English- They spoke English which made it easier to order.


  • Too quick – My friend felt like she was rushed when ordering and ended up agreeing to spicy when she did not want any. I did not have this issue but I spoke English to them whereas she spoke their native tongue (German). I think because English is a second language they spoke slower to me.
  • No table service – unfortunately you have to order from the counter as you need to pick what extras you want in your meal. You also need to grab cutlery and serviettes as you move to the register which can be a little annoying.
  • No delivery – unfortunately you cannot be lazy and just call up, but you can always do an indigo run and get take away.

My Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed this restaurant. The food was yummy and was made super quickly. I felt really good after the meal unlike when I have eaten KFC or McDonalds. It was also quite cheap. Highly recommend trying it.

Would I go back?

Yes I would go back, as I want to try the other meals. I would also suggest to anyone to go check it out if they want just a quick meal.

Rating out of 10

9 out of 10 for what it is, A nice take away or fast food dish. I highly recommend anyone who wants a quick bite to try this place. I wish they had some in Australia.

See link below if you wish to check out their website


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