Review of Do Step Inn Hostel and Hotel in Vienna, Austria

During our stay in Vienna we stayed at a hostel called “Do Step Inn”. Firstly I picked this place because it was the cheapest (114euros for 2 nights). I wanted a place that had a non shared bathroom and the basics as there were other cheaper options with a shared bathroom.

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What did I think?


  • location – was near shopping area🛍 and the Westbahnhof 🚞(train station we got off at) 40min walk to centre but trams were easily accessible and could take you basically anywhere.
  • served breakfast 🍳- with scrambled eggs Not just sandwiches🤗 (which is odd for austria) for 7 euro and all you can eat sandwiches/coffee/fruit for 5 euro.
  • has tv📺 – did not use it but I’ll add it as a pro.
  • has free WiFi- every where. It did drop out sometimes but was decent
  • clean


  • shower🛁- was hand held! See picture above
  • noisy😫 -the walls were so thin it was like they were not there. I barely got any sleep.
  • curtains- barely covered the window!!
  • bed🛏 – it was itchy (I do not know why😱) and small. Lucky we weren’t tall people but the bed was as long as Nuha and he isn’t tall #sorryNuha
  • light 💡 in bathroom – was sensa and would turn off after a couple of minutes when in shower. So had to hold the shower and wave my hands around like an idiot it was not fun!😫
  • easy access for other people – the room was stuffy so I opened the window then I realised that there was a fire escape that linked to all the rooms and it was easy to access and the windows were easy to walk through.

Overall thoughts.

Look there are a lot of negatives but I think it depends on the reason or how long you are staying. We only stayed for 2 nights and that was enough but if you are a young lone traveler this is not a bad place as a hostel. There’s a bar and other areas to be social. You also have access to transport. If you do not plan to sleep and just club it’s perfect.

Would I stay there again?

For one night maybe but I would avoid it as I like to at least have a nice shower and good sleep and it was not that cheap.

Rating out of 10

5/10 – As not having a shower or a good nights sleep was a big thing for Nuha and I. The lights also drove me crazy. It got a 5 only because the location was pretty good.
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