Embarking on new Adventures

“If you are brave enough to say good bye, life will reward you with a new hello” Paulo Coehlo

After having a sad farewell with my friends and family at the customs gate, I was waiting at the airport on my own for my one way flight to London. I looked around, at all the people surrounding me. They all seemed more productive, prepared and without a care in the world. I had only packed the night before and looked like I got dressed in the dark with a daggy bumb bag and crazy green printed jeans. Good start.

Have I booked everything? Did I pack everything? Going through my checklist for the hundredth time. You would think I was not prepared for this trip, but the truth was I had been planning for the last 6 months every little detail.

I was about to embark on a trip of a life time that many university students experience around the world.


My location was not what many Australians would have picked but fate had its way. The university was the only university in a non-English speaking country that provided classes in English that linked to my degree.


Time to board. My mind buzzing with doubts, excitement and appreciation that this will be the last time I set foot in Australia for the next year.

As I sit down and stare out the window wondering what my future will hold, not at all aware that this will be the start of my international love story.

saying good bye at the airport

I arrived in London in July 2015 for my journey around Europe which started a chain of events that introduced me to my current fiancé. I got inspired to start this blog to document my travels and experiences with my gorgeous man.

This is my first post I hope you will join me as I take you through my life adventures.

Thanks for reading